We would love to have you join our waiting list for a Bernese Mountain Dog . We do want to make sure you understand how our waiting list and selection process works. We also want to make you fully aware of the terms and conditions that apply before fully committing to placing a None Refundable deposit of $500.00 and joining our waiting list. Please take the time to go over the information we have provided on our entire website and if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.
Placing our puppies with the best family match possible is our No# 1 priority. Do your research and contact us if you have any questions! Make sure a Bernese Mountain Dog is the right breed for you and you are fully committed to caring for your puppy for its lifetime!
Our puppy selections are handled in order of deposits and depositors, names are removed from the list as puppies are selected. If you are on the list and don’t get a puppy from the most current litter. your name will be moved up on the list for the next upcoming litter.
A TRI COLOR puppy is one who’s markings are black and tan phantom markings with various amounts of white trim. Be prepared to wait for a Tri colored Bernese Mountain Dog! They are in extremely high demand and the most requested color for those on our waiting list. Unfortunately, we don’t have control as to how many tri colored puppies we will have within a litter. You just won't find them available anywhere and it would be near impossible to get one unless you are already on a waiting list for one. The advantage of getting on a waiting list "sooner rather than later" is that you will eventually move up the list as families above you make their puppy selection. This, in turn, gives you a better selection for a tri colored puppy in our upcoming litters.
Once you have made a deposit and are on our waiting list the deposits are non-refundable. They are, however, 100% transferrable to any future litter of your choice within one year, if you are not happy with the selection you have to choose from, or timing is not right for you getting a puppy or we don't have the desired color, gender or size you are looking for.
If you decide you no longer want a puppy or happen to find a puppy from another breeder, deposits are nonrefundable, No exceptions!
Waiting list are designed for those who are committed and willing to wait for the right puppy and fully understand mother nature does not always cooperate to our wishes. There are various things that can happen that are beyond our control such as a female may not cycle when planned, litter size is smaller than expected or a breeding does not produce a litter. Unfortunately this will result in longer waiting period for you getting a puppy. Under these circumstances, If we cannot produce a puppy for you at the expected time frame, we would simply move you to the next planned litter. Please keep these things in mind before filling out our puppy application, placing a deposit and joining our waiting list.
We are fully committed to providing you with a HAPPY, HEALTHY Bernese Mountain Dog  and we can rest assure you THEY ARE WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!

When you fill out our puppy application, please note that you will not be able to switch gender after a litter is born. If color is of more importance over gender, please note that in the NOTE section below.

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Phone Number
Which gender do you prefer?
MaleFemaleNo preference
What color preference do you have?
Tri-colorBi-color-black/whiteNo preference
Will you have your pet spayed/neutered?
Please tell us a little bit about you and your family? Children, pets, hobbies? And why you picked a Bernese Mountain Dog?
Will you be taking your dog to the vet for yearly checkups and vaccinations?